Course Information

Timed stages will be on (mostly) downhill portions of the trails. Transfer segments in between stages are not timed.

2024 Stages:

1.  JT/Jerry Trail
2.  Bell Lap (downhill)
3.  Lost Spring
4.  Blue Jay + Moonshine + Corkscrew (for H.S., Sport, Master, and Expert Categories only)
F.  (Final stage) Blueberry

Beginner and Middle School categories will only complete Stages 1-3 + F: 12 total miles with 4 miles timed.

All other categories will complete all the stages: 16.5 total miles with 6.3 miles timed. 

See General Information for category descriptions.

2024 Course Map

New this year are the JT and Moonshine trails!

Click and save this year’s map.