History of Poca Go!

How It All Started

By Robyn Ritter Browne, Founder

This race all started with a vision for a really fun and different kind of race that would feature the awesome trails we are so lucky to have at Pocahontas State Park. I wanted it to be a mountain biking event unlike any other in the region. I’ve been a spectator at enduro races in VA and WV and thought the format was interesting and fun. Typically, an enduro race is held in the mountains on downhill trails. While the Richmond area doesn’t have mountains, we do have ‘rad’ trails with some neat downhill sections (all built by Clark Jones and many, many volunteers). I wanted to showcase these trails.

The Pocahontas trails, specifically the Swift Creek section, have exploded in popularity in the last few years. A bigger and better parking lot had been desperately needed, and the fundraising had been slow to develop. I thought this style of race would be popular and the proceeds would go toward better trail access with a new parking lot.

In the first two years the race was held, it raised approximately $15,000! I think that’s saying a lot considering that the 2020 race occurred during the COVID pandemic and in conjunction with historic flooding that severely damaged the trails- shutting them down for several months.

Though I’m not longer the racer director, I’m thrilled that others have stepped in to keep it going. The organizing team and volunteers are committed to its success. I anticipate it will become one of the best annual events at Pocahontas and, dare I say, the most fun mountain biking event in Virginia!

Robyn in action

Photos: Laura Carson