A FREE race for kids: ages 10 and under

2023 RECAP
Poca Go Kids! was a huge success! Thank You to all of our sponsors and volunteers! I AM RVA generously donated 80 helmets! I AM RVA is a local non-profit organization that aims to foster enthusiasm for bicycling in Richmond.

Friends of Pocahontas State Park
(FoPSP) donated race supplies and awards. FoPSP is also a non-profit organization that provides a tremendous amount of support in keeping our Pocahontas trails maintained and keeping the park in great shape overall.
And thanks to Chris Schuessler (smugmug.com) for providing photography.


2023 Results

2 yr Balance Bike:
1st – Finn Boyar
2nd – Elijah Gausepohl
3rd – August Robinson

3-4 yr Balance Bike:
1st – Ethan Mulder
2nd – Dylan Bohle
3rd – Danny Shobe
4th – Peyton Dywan
5th – Arthur Hogg-Ware

3-4 yr Pedal Bike:
1st – Charlotte Quarles
2nd – Alden Pearson
3rd – Mahki Bouch
4th – Brandon Woolfolk

Age 6:
Heat 1:
1st – Ida Shobe
2nd – Jayce Johnson
3rd – Charlie McGowan
4th – Dean Annette
5th – Bodhi Glaser
Heat 2:
1st – Emmett Hogg-Ware
2nd – Stella Strife
3rd – James Walker
4th – Isaiah Austin

Age 6:
Heat 1:
1st – Leah Pearson
2nd- Landon Manner
3rd – Jesse Williamson
4th – Daisy Spangler
Heat 2:
1st – Celyn Mulder
2nd – Ford Grigsby
3rd – Heidi Russ
4th – Eliza Corpuz

Age 7:
Heat 1:
1st – Sam Shobe
2nd – Tanner Burke
3rd – George Ingram
4th – Devon Skipper
Heat 2:
1st – Eli Johnson
2nd – Ben Hubbel
3rd – Kris Creech
4th – Rilyn Annette
5th -Isaac Jamison

Age 8 (1.5 miles):
Heat 1:
1st – Harrison McGowan
2nd – E Whitten
3rd – B Corpuz
Heat 2:
1st – Emily McGowan
2nd – Nikolai Cordova
3rd – Jay Honeycutt
4th – Kevin Gausepohl

Age 8 (3 miles):
1st – Kellan Pearson
2nd – Lloyd Grigsby
3rd – Archio Quarles
4th – Pearce Flanagan
5th – Jocelyn Mascetti
6th – Holden Alton

Age 9:
1st – Jase Burke
2nd – Beckett Aardema-Gagnon
3rd – Ezra Baier-Miles
4th – Elijah Johnson
5th – Tristan Dywan
6th – Mason Skipper

Age 10:
1st – Breanna Sams
2nd – Logan Harris
3rd – Rowan Cheney
4th – Graham Cheney

General Core Info

Date: Friday, June 30th, 2023

Times listed are estimates for each category. Final category start times will be dependent on number of racers signed up in each category. In some cases, categories may be combined or there may be multiples heats.

Plan Ahead
Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the estimated start time for your child’s category in order to check-in (Check-in will be open from 4:00-7:30).

Volunteers should plan to arrive at the time listed on the sign-up form. Check-in will be at the back of the parking lot on Courthouse Road.

The GPS address is: 7298 Courthouse Rd Chesterfield, VA 23832. Please note: parking in this lot is limited. It is best if you can carpool or, for older racers, please consider parking at the pool parking lot within the main park (off State Park Rd) and ride the 1.5 miles up to the Swift Creek trails.

The Race
All races will start on the gravel fire road from the parking lot and proceed to the Gateway trails. All races stay on the Gateway trails. This race will not be timed. Places are determined in order of finish for each category/heat. Each participant will receive a bib number, sticker, and ribbon. This race will cap at 75 total racers. If we have not reached the limit before race day, then on-site registration will be available. 

Helmets are required! It’s recommended that you also bring: a water bottle/hydration, pre/post-race snacks, and bug spray and sunscreen.

Racer check-in and awards will be held in the grassy area at the back of the parking lot. Please plan to stick-around and cheer other racers. Let’s support these kiddos!! For many of them, this is their first race experience and we want to ensure a positive one.

For any questions or concerns, you can send an email to the race director (Robyn Browne) at: [email protected]

Estimated Schedule of Events:

4:00 pm – Racers can begin checking in

4:30 – Balance Bike Age 2 (approx 0.25 mile course- fire road and small section of Gateway)

4:45 – Balance Bike Age 3 (approx 0.5 mile course- 1 Gateway loop) 

5:00 – Balance Bike Age 4 (approx 0.5 mile course- 1 Gateway loop)

5:15 – Balance Bike Awards 

5:30 – Pedal Bike Age 4 (approx 0.75 mile course- fireroad and 1 Gateway loop)

5:45 – Pedal Bike Age 5 (approx 0.75 mile course0 fireroad and 1 Gateway loop)

6:00 – Pedal Bike Age 4-5 Awards 

6:30 – Pedal Bike Age 6 (approx 1.5 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops)

6:45 – Pedal Bike Age 7 (approx 1.5 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops)

7:00 – Pedal Bike Age 8 – Part 1 (approx 1.5 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops)

7:15 – Pedal Bike Age 6-8 Awards (1.5 mile course)

7:30 – Pedal Bike Age 8- Part 2 (appox 3 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops x2)

7:45 – Pedal Bike Age 9 (appox 3 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops x2)

8:00 – Pedal Bike Age 10 (approx 3 mile course – fireroad and both Gateway loops x2)

8:30 – Pedal Bike Age 8-10 Awards (3 mile course)